We Hold These Truths?

A few short weeks ago the capital of the United States was under siege. Attacked by a faction of citizens making references to The Boston Tea Party, and announcing “It’s 1776 again!”. They apparently understood neither the reason for The Boston Tea Party, nor the words and meanings of the 1776 Continental Congress and Declaration of Independence. The Boston Tea Party was a protest against taxation without representation, and independence was declared because of atrocities committed against Americans by a government thousands of miles away. This government, a monarchy, dictated laws that ignored the rights of the average person.

The attack on the capital by a disgruntled few, for the sole reason as they didn’t like the outcome of representative election, is diametrically opposed to the intentions of the American Revolution. It was an act that intended to throw out the meaning of The Constitution to replace it with mob rule. They also apparently failed to understand that The Boston Tea Party took place in 1773 and the Continental Congress labored for three years to achieve a peaceful solution before declaring independence. And it fact never started the violence.

The act of attacking the capital is a slap in the face of democracy, and to do so while claiming patriotism is the most heinous of hypocritical actions. How anyone who ever swore an oath to The Constitution could imagine this was a righteous thing to do is beyond reprehensible. For all those in the radical right that don’t like the outcome of this election, I say to you the same thing you have been saying to everyone else for the last 50 years, “America, love it or leave it. I prefer you leave it.




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